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The High Lakes Trails

A Paradise for 4WD, ATV, & UTV Enthusiasts, Fisherman & Campers!

The High Lakes

About The High Lakes

The High Lakes, located in the Plumas National Forest, sits upon a high plateau where the Sierra & Cascade Mountain Ranges meet. The entire area was carved out by a glacier which left numerous little lakes and lush Meadows throughout the entire area. During summer months the area is hot, arid and mostly clear. During the winter one can expect low to moderate temperatures with precipitation in the form of rain, fog and snow. It is an ideal destination for outdoor connoisseurs of all ranges and skill levels. The High Lakes is a paradise for fisherman, campers, miners as well as 4WD and ATV enthusiasts. It offers overnight camping, numerous hiking trails of varying difficulty levels, abundant freshwater creeks and lakes, as well as an OHV area for all your offroading needs. The High Lakes is located in Plumas County. The most direct route from the Chico Off Road Rentals shop is via Highway 99 to Highway 70. The access roads into the area are well maintained and easily accessible.

ATV Riding High Lakes

The allure to the High Lakes, besides its magnificent topography, is the extensive OHV trails this location offers. The mixed conifer forest alongside the bobbing igneous rock outcroppings makes for exciting and technical maneuvers throughout the ____ miles of OHV trails. This area offers a unique experience of designated camping alongside OHV trail access.

High Lakes Details

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